Your greatest challenge and its solution

Your greatest challenge and its solution

April 20, 2019

Your understanding and fully accepting this message will provide you with the opportunity to manifest anything you desire, and live the life of your dreams, which is why you had trouble allowing it to come through. As you explain this information to others, it will no longer be possible for you to ignore it in yourself, and that prospect has always frightened you.

If you and others were to understand the essential nature of individuation thoroughly, you would no longer have any reason to hold yourself back, and on top of that, you will accept your contribution to the expansion of all that is. You uncovered your greatest challenge as it is for most.

Last night while listening to a speaker you have grown to admire, and who lives the career you desire, you became vividly aware of how you lauded their ability and assessed them as being excellent, and you at that moment labeled yourself as less. You have done this your entire life, and that fact was made painfully clear to you. The painful part is only momentary, as joy will follow.

Let’s attempt to change this for you forever, or at least for now as you will experience moments of forgetfulness. How your world evolves is through the continual contributions of individuals who offer new and different perspectives on everything that currently exists. You are doing that, and it is vital because individuation is valuable. Study that word!


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