Your good intentions never yield a bad result

Your good intentions never yield a bad result

February 3, 2019

It is not possible for your good intentions to yield a bad result unless you believe they do. Your story will be helpful for others. Also note, this is a continuation of the message yesterday; trust yourself. You attempted to figure out this message before it came through, which is the same obstacle you place in your life when you try to figure out your experiences as they are occurring.

Now here is what will help you and all others. You each will do things in your life that you know at that moment you are taking actions, or speaking words that you know are intended for good. But the result you receive is different than what you imagined. Then you think you made a mistake or that your intentions were misaligned. That is never the case, and you always come to know that when you return to that message of trusting yourself. You are being pulled forward, and not being pushed back; always.


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