Your father is quite proud of you

Your father is quite proud of you

June 21, 2020
Your father is quite proud of you. We are saying those to each of you, for no matter if your father is alive, known, dead, or elusive, he is still proud. First of all, we would like to thank one of our readers who told Roger yesterday and remarked that our message was very deep and a different writing style. We are happy you noticed, and this message will be the same, so allow yourself enough time to understand it.

Today in the United States, is the observance of Father’s Day. You each react to that in your own ways, but there is a significance you might want to consider. You chose your father for a reason, and that reason, once you decide to recognize it, will reveal to you who you are and what you wanted to achieve in this lifetime. The current conditions of your world are an excellent manifestation of generational beliefs and ideas that humans are reluctant to release due to fear. If you do not examine your ancestral leanings, you rob yourself of valuable information that would allow you to live your lives with greater ease.

During group training yesterday, Roger gave a student something to do, and they did it correctly, but immediately stopped, and second-guessed themselves. They did that because it was a new behavior, and it was wrong to them because it was different. Many times you do the same when you operate as your authentic self. It feels strange to you. Roger has witnessed this behavior in so many, and he recognized it in himself last night.

Roger read an email from his nephew, and it was a continued family discussion that, at times, turned contentious. For Roger, that is an uncomfortable place to be as his nature is a peacemaker. Roger responded with an email and said he would no longer speak on the subject as he was getting on with his work of helping the world to heal. Roger sent the email, saw a response, and began to feel guilty. Mind you; he was doing his job as we have said during this time, more of you will do the same.

This morning we did another first. Roger went to his roommate and offered words of encouragement on his journey, for he had made significant changes but also, as Roger, does not always trust when they are doing their "jobs." Also, please note, this has been challenging for Roger for three and one-half years as not many in Roger’s family or friends understood why Roger would allow anyone into his life who needed any type of help or support.

Here’s the deep part. Roger found a photo of his father a few days ago and thought he had not seen it, which he had. Now what he had not seen was the significance. Roger’s father was a loving man who could not express that in demonstrative ways. He did use the form of physical gifts to compensate, but that wasn’t enough.

Masculine energy at times finds it difficult to be vulnerable, and we have said you are all embodying your feminine nature at this time, and in doing so, you evolve. You and your world are doing this now, and your father is proud because they were unable to accomplish as much as you.

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