Your failures have made you valuable

Your failures have made you valuable

October 12, 2019

Your failures have made you valuable. You probably opened this message with the anticipation of finding some relief from the emotional pain you feel when you view the mistakes you believe you had made in your lives. We used all those words intentionally, so please study them.

The relief you will find now, and hopefully accept, is that you never failed and you never made a mistake. Humans misunderstand this because you misunderstand evolution, nothing less. How do you think your world evolves unless you are willing to do things that might be seen as mistakes or failures? How could anything new be discovered? Be proud of yourself for being willing to fail because, in your effort, you cause humanity to expand.

We will leave you with this “illumination,” literally. Thomas Edison, (light bulb guy, get it?) said, “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

You’re welcome.


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