Your dream can be bigger now

Your dream can be bigger now

September 16, 2021
Your dream can be bigger now. What we mean by that statement is you have lived enough life at this point to have discovered that dream you came into the world with, and now due to the perfect timing of this current restructuring, you have garnered enough wisdom and courage that you can finally own who you are.

We know we are speaking to you, for our intention was always to attract you to our words at this time. If we touch a part of you willing to let go of your resistance to being that powerful being you know exists within, you will fulfill your original goal of making a difference in your life and the world.

We know some of this might be challenging for some to accept, but then there is you, who have known what was within you or imaged might be within you, and that is now ready to mature and blossom, for as you might have noticed, the world does need you.

We are speaking on the same subject we have talked about to all of you. That is your evolutionary journey. We told you last Sunday that this is your most crucial lifetime, and you will come to understand more this Sunday, but our methods will make sense, precisely as will your life, experiences, and dreams, which also will be realized. You will be fine.

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