Your contribution is essential to the expansion of the world

Your contribution is essential to the expansion of the world

July 30, 2019

We think the most effective manner to deliver this message so that more of you understand its intended meaning, would be to use Roger as an example. He has somewhat reluctantly agreed.

You are all born into specific conditions, at precise times, and into societies for definite reasons. Within this framework, you each have unique talents, abilities, characteristics, perceived flaws, and disabilities. And all of them are part of your perfection. Your individual contribution then to all that is is achieved by you doing your part, which is being who you are entirely.

Yesterday, Roger delivered a talk on the process of evolving, which he knew was inspired by us. And he even thought he should share the video, and he was correct. We had him “stumble” upon Sadhguru because we knew it would help him validate this path, and now we will give it to him and you. Examine your lives through this example, and you will find your truth.

Roger never followed groups or felt comfortable in established systems of belief. He had almost an aversion to reading certain works by others, which he also didn’t understand why, until now. He didn’t find joy in attachments. His differences are his value, which he has not embraced fully as most of you don’t, but that is part of evolving as well. Most of you miss discovering your value because you attempt to fit into some established norm. That act does not engender expansion. As you think of your lives, reflect on this last sentence.

Your contribution is essential to the expansion of the world, and just because you don’t know that now, doesn’t make that statement any less true.


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