Your ancestors are watching now with curiosity

Your ancestors are watching now with curiosity

July 13, 2021
Your ancestors are watching now with curiosity. We are giving Roger quite a bit of information, and we will do so in bite-size pieces.

As we have said, you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring to enable evolution. That process can seem scary and frightening, both in your personal life and that of your world. But all of that is purposeful as well.

We are now speaking to you. You decided to be born to experience this time and offer your essence that would be more than what your family and ancestors could accomplish because you knew you had more to offer. This time in the history of your world is providing you with that opportunity. You will have two choices from which to choose, and those are love or fear. You came to be love, so when you offer that, all will evolve, and your ancestors will say you did a good job.

Some of you will understand that last passage, but all of you can witness your world’s occurrences now, and they are all meant to cause you to awaken to your authentic essence and offer that to the world. Now you will better understand our message of yesterday referring to change.

There will be more that occurs today, which we will discuss tomorrow, but please know that for all who hear our words, you will be fine if you continue to deliberately decide to evolve, for it will be necessary now as you have always been.

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