You won’t get out of this alive

You won’t get out of this alive

April 24, 2019

You won’t get out of this alive. We wanted you to use that title in an effort to inject a bit of levity, but also because it is true. You kept hearing that sentence and didn’t understand why until now.

You all are born with intention of what you want to achieve in your lives. You are given clues as to what that might be, but most times attempt to ignore them or pretend you don’t see them. You do this because you never came to trust yourself. You have always known that you wanted to create something new and make a contribution but never thought what you had to offer was valuable. You all do this.

Then you attached yourself to a group you felt would help you accomplish that. Then it seemed to you last night that it all changed. What changed was you came to recognize that you will never feel fulfilled and happy in your life until you achieve your goal yourself.

We led you to an article you wrote where you retold the story of your very early success that occurred when you trusted your guidance and intuition. Do that now, and help others do the same.


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