You will understand more, care less, and love more

You will understand more, care less, and love more

January 10, 2021
You will understand more, care less, and love more. We love that crazy title so much, as well as this message. And this message is one each of you will find useful in the coming days during your world’s restructuring, which of course, is yours.

We will use Roger as our example but keep in mind that each of you is here at this time to move through some personal limitations. None of you are doing the same thing in the same manner, but you are all servicing and sharing the exact purpose of evolving in your life and the world.

Roger has struggled with delivering our information due to his ever-present doubt, coupled with his fear of judgment and criticism. We advised him today to let go of that, which is why said to care less about others’ opinions, and we said love more because that is what is allowing him to deliver this message now.

We told Roger this morning that your world will experience what might be thought of as an accumulation of cause and effect. Then we told him we gave you all the message some time ago, which we will post at the end.

You are having the restructuring so you may come to love yourself more, which means embracing every aspect of yourself as Roger is doing, which means you will only accomplish your planet’s goal when you embrace all others.

No matter how things appear to you now, this is evolution, and we cannot say this enough, but you will be fine.

July 7, 2009
It would be beneficial for you to examine your understanding of cause and effect. Your current life experience is a reflection, or effect, of a prior cause or your previously held thoughts that turned into beliefs about yourself.

That statement may be re-read many times by you to gain a deeper understanding. When you absorb this concept and use it to your benefit, you find a magnificent key to creating the life experience you desire.

When you examine your current life situation and begin to place blame, or responsibility, anywhere else, you simultaneously give away that ability, and key, to the creation of your future experiences. In your every moment of now, you may choose the thoughts or causes you desire to hold, and then you will experience the result, or effect, you truly desire.

This will take diligent practice on your part, simply because you have practiced something else. It does not have to be difficult; however, again, that is your choice.

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