You will succeed together and a message to Stan

You will succeed together and a message to Stan

September 25, 2020
You will succeed together and a message to Stan. We love this message so much as will you when we tie it all together. Yesterday we gave you a message regarding your family; well, actually, we used Roger’s family, for they served as a perfect manifestation of what your world is experiencing now. We are giving Roger a lot of information, so be patient.

In yesterday’s message, we mentioned Roger’s family would have a Zoom call, preceded by the apprehension of any impending conflict. That is what is happening in your world now, and the United States specifically. You each typically require a bit of conflict before you are ready to own yourself and your place in the world. The call went beautifully and better than any of them expected, and unbeknownst to most of them at this time, they each actualized empowerment within themselves. It did go well due to Roger’s older brother, who decided to take a leadership position. Your world needs this now. But again, it must be actualized in each of you first before it manifests in the world.

During the call, Roger began to speak of Stan and decided to share Stan and his father’s photo with the rest of Roger’s family. They all looked at the picture and thought it was Roger; even his 83-year-old aunt attempted to figure out what time that picture might have been taken. We are mysterious because it’s so much fun.

This morning we gave Roger the most excellent definition of coincidence, and each of you will discover it as your world is doing now. A coincidence is a previously planned event awaiting your recognition and utilization. Don’t you love that? Roger had his recognition by seeing that photo. When Roger "coincidentally found" Stan online one day, Roger intuitively knew this was a direction for both of them. We have described how every relationship shows up in your life, and no matter how it feels to you, even the "horrible" ones are there to aid you in your quest for empowerment.

Roger and Stan have a webinar planned. Stan is currently sitting in a place of concern where Roger has lived many times and what Roger knows is that this will allow Stan to evolve and Roger. They will surmount this challenge together, which is what your world is doing now. You see, it comes down to you becoming willing to succeed together individually and collectively, and Roger’s family was a beautiful demonstration of that yesterday.

A caveat. Roger’s 92-year-old aunt attended the meeting and provided them with a proud family history none of them had none. Each of you has a proud family history that you are actualizing in your life now due to the pandemic. We so love using that, and please know you will succeed just as you have for eons and the result, as we have said, is you evolve. We did mean that collectively, for there is no difference between you and them. We know this is long, but it will be worth it, and yes, Roger, send it to your family.

Sorry, one more thing for Stan. You did not make a mistake. None of you have.

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