You will remember who you were born to be

You will remember who you were born to be

August 31, 2019

It was always you holding yourself back. This message is a challenging one for Roger to receive, but it will be a meaningful one for all of you if you accept its wisdom. All the words we just used were intentional.

Yesterday, Roger had a guest who commented on an observation they had of having blinds that blocked the light. It wasn’t clear to Roger why this comment stirred something within him. Then Roger was inspired to read a communication he received more than thirty-five years ago. We are using the exact number of years for impact.

In that message, Roger was told that the physical pain he was experiencing was due to his denying a voice he heard inside. Now he understands he had the blinders on, which is why he couldn’t see the light. We must add this as he is attempting not to. He had an inkling of this always and tried not to notice. You all do this, but you will come to remember who you were born to be, and now all you need do is; get ready, “Just do it!”


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