You will remember who you are

You will remember who you are

July 27, 2020
You will remember who you are. Over the last few months, we have given Roger some complicated information that he sometimes has difficulty interpreting, but today is a new day. Roger, just as many of you are being asked to remember who you are and the strength, courage, and wisdom you possess. Please keep in mind as we move through this message, we are speaking to you as an individual, and as the world at large. The only challenge you have is not understanding that concept. Yes, we are speaking in riddles, for it is much more fun for you to figure them out.

Yesterday, Roger was attempting to send a communication about his online program, but ran into difficulties putting it together, and felt tremendous guilt or as if he had let himself down. Actually, we put a monkey wrench in things, for we wanted him to have this remembrance, for it will make it all much more powerful.
Over the years, we have told Roger often that he has a selective memory. At times it has served him well, for it allows him to move on from his past, as each of you must do. But there are other times where it can work against him and you. (Yes, we are speaking to that collective you.) None of you have meaningless experiences, and when you acknowledge that rather than judging them and believing you had done something wrong in your life, you aid the world in evolution.

Last night, after Roger accepted his original plan had been canceled, we led him to a television show that spoke of 1968. That year was one of the most challenging for him, and it felt as if there were no way out. It continued for many years after, but what occurred was Roger gained the wisdom of understanding how those events informed him of his life purpose, but it doesn’t do him or anyone else any good if he doesn’t remember. Roger thought his life was over as many of you may feel now. We wanted him to remember as it will help you all, and it will aid his program. Now he knows, as we have said to you all, you were being prepared for this time in your life, and that of the world. Now you might understand why we keep saying you will be fine.

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