You will no longer deny who you are

You will no longer deny who you are

March 24, 2020

You will no longer deny who you are. We are speaking to every person who happens upon these words, for the truth of them will come to you. Your world is moving through a period of significant evolutional change. Change is always evolution even though most of you resist that with all your might.

Let us start at the beginning. You live in a world comprised of collective consciousness or energy. Now you usually only pay attention to what you see in physical form, but there is far more to each of you than that. For this complex configuration to evolve, there must be some reason to do so. Individuals then are born with specific roles to play in this expansion. Each of you was born to play a role, and your role is unique and vital. You all have trouble with this, for as we have said many times, you believe in the hierarchy of souls. When you think in that manner, you end up somehow always making yourself less.

Here comes the story for today. Yesterday we mentioned that Roger didn’t always trust our words or follow them, as he, like you, is continually plagued with self-doubt. Roger received an email with a transcription of a channeled message, received in the same manner as he is doing now. Roger glanced at the first words and couldn’t read any more. He put it away and only opened it later in the evening while speaking with a friend. As he read the full transcript, it was pretty much all the messages we have given you all for more than the last week. He could no longer deny his role.

Then we led Roger to a message we gave some time ago, and now he and you will understand why he had the denial reaction, as you all have in your lives. During this period, you will no longer be able to deny who you came to Earth to be. You can refuse to do that, however, as you do have free will. But regardless, you will know it is your choice, and if you choose to stop the denial, your lives will begin to expand in seemingly magical and fulfilling ways. We own that prediction.

Stop fighting yourself
October 10, 2018

Stop fighting yourself. Those words were intentionally used, and you will understand why. You are all born innately benevolent. While you have sensed and attempted to believe this, you had an experience that pointed out to you how not knowing it causes you to experience unnecessary hardship in your life.

You were in the process of performing a task for another, which you were not asked to do, but you almost thought it to be an obligation as it was helping the other and preventing a foreseeable problem. You also heard the imaginary voices of others, asking, "why are you doing this?" You were doing that because you know that what you give you receive, so why would you choose ever to conceal that part of your nature?

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