You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job

You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job

July 23, 2020
You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job. It took Roger a while to settle on a title as we wanted one that would speak to many. We will, of course, use Roger as the example, but he is only that, and each of you is to find your truth within our words.

Yesterday morning Roger held group training, and the topic was to discuss what one might do next in their lives. It was one of the most fulfilling Roger had experienced as well as the attendees. Because Roger has had to answer that question and find his "new" direction so many times in his life, he knew he could be of benefit to others. We must say this is not a new discovery for him but one he is only recently willing to embrace. Many of you are doing the same now. And that is not accidental, and neither is the fact that it is occurring during your pandemic. Don’t worry; this will all make sense.

When Roger came to his computer this morning, he saw an email that he has yet to view, but Roger knew it contained his associate’s work. It signaled to Roger that he was finally doing his job for his encouragement of what he recognized within his associate was now becoming manifest. During the group session yesterday, we had Roger say to them all, "I can see your potential." Roger has known he possessed that ability but only began to own it, but he still doubts at times, just as you have done.

Then last night, his roommate told a story about an incident that occurred with his acting coach. At first, Roger let the story pass, but while in his bedroom, we told Roger to do his job and talk to his roommate and point out his resistance. You see, Roger has always seen his roommate’s potential as well, but he wasn’t doing his job entirely if he was unwilling to speak up.

This morning we led Roger to a video that he knows for sure he has heard, but it was published again today, and today it made sense to him. We did that because even though we have delivered that information to him for decades, it was easier for him to "hear" it from another source. You each need to have your instincts nurtured because you doubt them so much.

We used the word nurtured because it brings up your maternal nature, which is the feminine energy we have spoken of recently. When each of you does your jobs, you will embrace more of yourself, which is both masculine and feminine energy, and the balance you and the world have been seeking will be manifest. Not being angry is a good indication you are doing your job.

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