You will never always do anything

You will never always do anything

November 5, 2018

You will never always do anything. You kept hearing that sentence this morning, and experienced difficulty allowing this message to come through but we wouldn’t let it go, and now you will understand why.

You and all others place expectations upon yourselves that impede your ability to live your lives in a manner that would please you. You expect that you will always know how something will turn out before you do whatever that might be. You expect yourselves to move forward in your life toward the direction of your desires without any fear or hesitation. Now because you hold these self-limiting expectations, when you don’t meet them you think yourselves as somehow being inadequate or less than another.

Devour this next sentence. You will never always do anything because the next thing that you want to do is something you have never done before and it will be bigger than what you ever did. Sit with that.


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