You will do it when the time is right

You will do it when the time is right

July 6, 2020
You will do it when the time is right. We are so proud of Roger because, after agonizing moments of doubt, he decided to deliver some complicated information.

The other day we made a statement that we are not Roger. That was meant to point out to each of you that you exist in many different dimensions, and this physical one that you call life is only one of them. We exist beyond what you know, which is why we can access information that Roger may not, but most times, as with you, he is choosing not to do so. Roger usually makes that choice because he thinks he’s not up to accomplishing whatever that might be, but other times, it is the timing that is not right. That is the line we wanted to give to each of you.

You have lived lives where you continually think you are not living up to your potential or fulfilling some need, but you might have forgotten you are a part of a bigger picture. The thing you were meant to do may not have opened its opportunity to you because your specific individual part is only being called forth now.

We are not Roger because he had heard us for years, just as you have listened to your guidance, but it is only now he accepted what we had told him, and you will recognize your direction at the perfect time. You will get it done.

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