You will come to trust and believe in yourself

You will come to trust and believe in yourself

March 20, 2020

You will come to trust and believe in yourself. Last night an order was delivered by government officials that the residents of California are being asked to stay at home. While many of you dreaded hearing that news, Roger had a surprisingly different reaction and didn’t quite understand why. The reason he had a different reaction was we have told him, and all of you, what would be occurring. All you need do is revisit our messages of the last week or more. We made them quite pointed. Since many of you are home you have the time to study them, and they will bring you to this awareness, and you will know why you wanted this order to be delivered.

We had Roger say to a friend last night this query, which we will give to you all. Imagine that you ordered this pandemic to occur for your personal reasons. That reason, when you allow yourself to see it, will be that you have been withholding a part of yourself, and you have lived your life in deprivation. Roger knew he was receiving this information from us but he, like most of you, didn’t trust himself. We led him to a video this morning where the same information was espoused, and now he believes more.

You each will use this period you’ve been provided to move into your authentic selves, finally.


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