You will become thankful

You will become thankful

November 25, 2021
You will become thankful. We are giving you more information that we will clarify in our live talk on Saturday, but today is a day where you can infuse that conversation. We are using the holiday celebrated in the United States called Thanksgiving, and we are using the restructuring of your world and why you wanted to be here now.

We recognize that many worldwide may find it challenging to find those things for which you are grateful, but that would be the most vital thing you could accomplish on this day. It will build momentum within you that we will further explain why we wanted to discuss your confidence on Saturday.

You decided to be born so might be alive at this time to move through more of your restrictions and limitations and evolve and expand into the being you imagined. The only difficulty you had was believing you could achieve that vision you held for yourself, and due to your lack of belief, you manifest a world none of you desired.

We told you that you are all unique and the same. The unique part is your journey. For no one else has yours, and the fact that you are here now means you intended to experience your magnificence, and the restructuring your world desired is helping you achieve your goal.

We have used our work from 2012 to inform you all because it seems so odd that the information we provided at that time would be relevant to your life and the world today. You have done that because you had trouble believing what you thought was given to you at your birth.

Still, we will give you the information we provided you on this date in 2012, for that message will resonate for all who read our words, or you would not be here. You will understand why you desired a paradigm shift in your life and the world, and as you recognize and accept your role to love yourself now, you all will be fine.

November 25, 2012
You are indeed entitled to what you desire. The words entitled and entitlement have caused you difficulty because your society has often cast a negative connotation on those words. In actuality, you and all others are born entitled by your birthright; and you go through your physical life experience attempting to actualize that state, for in doing so, you must cause your expansion.

When you allow that “negative” idea to permeate your being, you will actually prevent your desires from being fulfilled. That manner of thinking is often an unconscious act on your part, but now you can make it a conscious decision with this information. You never deprive another by allowing yourself to receive.

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