You will become comfortable with your new self

You will become comfortable with your new self

September 6, 2021
You will become comfortable with your new self. You are here now because you desired to evolve. For that to occur, you must move into some unknown part of you that you may have grown to fear, or worse yet, did now believe existed within you. More of you now are experiencing the latter, and it may be frightening for you in many ways, including changes in your physical body.

During our live talk with you yesterday, we provided vital information we hope you and Roger watch. We began with a message we delivered in 2009 on power. We did that for a few reasons. We wanted to speak of energy and your power of creation. You each possess it in equal amounts, but you may not have realized that because it is a part of your evolutionary process to come to that awareness.

We explained that Roger began aware recently that all our messages before that time were helping him move through his restrictions and limitations. He could know their origin as you may not, as you all are pushing through ancestral and generational boundaries along with guilt and shame. But each of you here now wanted to do this because you desired a great change for you which will also be your world, as we mentioned.

The other reason we mentioned energy and how you each will decide how to use it or allow it to hold you back, which could happen when you experience unexpected physical changes, which occurred for Roger when he began allowing our communications. We are telling you this now so you might embrace the coming changes within you that will emerge.

When we come through Roger as we did yesterday, he moves through physical changes that produce excess heat, and he begins to sweat. When he was complete with the session, his clothes were wet, and he had little memory of what was said, so he too will listen to the recording. He has come to trust this process now, and we are relating this story, so you embrace your changes as you move through your restructuring, and you will be fine.

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