You will be fine

You will be fine

July 2, 2020
You will be fine. We know that those words do not make sense for many of you and do not help to assuage the current level of fear you may be experiencing. But it is not the first time you have done this. Think back in your life to everything you were in fear of; the answer was always you doing something to find relief. You and the world are doing that now, and we’ll explain.

When we began communicating with Roger, it was all quite strange to him. Without the reinforcement of your current technology, he found it challenging to find like-minded people, so he felt alone most times. That is how you felt in your life, in your family, in your community, or your life direction. We said you would be fine because you will make moves to move through fear, and it will only be accomplished by you accepting and loving yourself.
We are speaking to the collective you. Yesterday we gave you a message where we led Roger back to earlier messages where we told him his role in this life, which he refused to believe until now. You will do the same, and it will be that you come to trust and love yourself. We apologize that this may be cryptic for some of you, but others will know we are speaking to you, and through this calamity, you will become yourself, and you will be fine.

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