You were taught conformity

You were taught conformity

May 27, 2019

You are beginning to trust us much more as you are not sure where this message is leading, but you will also see that your acknowledgment of this will help you all receive this message.

The other day you were perplexed by a session you held with a client where you provided them with what you knew, based on your experience; techniques that were effective and would deliver a better result if utilized correctly. The client resisted this information, began to explain what they had been taught and therefore come to believe, and they held on tightly to those beliefs.

The reason they did this and the reason you and others do the same thing is, you were taught conformity; found safety in that state of being, and conversely formed a fear of the unknown. Now you will understand your actions at the onset of this message, and your astute readers will come to know how conformity has been holding them back as well.


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