You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now

You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now

June 15, 2021
You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring occurring in your life and that of your world. They are interconnected and the same. We will leave that cryptic sentence for now because many of you will come to understand it later as Roger is accomplishing now.

The purpose of your physical life journey is to move through limitations. Within the life you are living now, those limitations exist. And those connected to your ancestors, and all those who came before. You decided to be born because you knew you wanted to experience the joy of your further expansion, and you knew that would aid the world.

We gave you the title of this message because it is one we have given Roger many times with different wording. You will move through your lives and discover that you had more ability in some area you previously doubted. The entire process is purposeful, for if it did not occur in that manner, you would never know you did evolve.

Last night we nudged Roger to watch a video performance of his from 1986. When he observed it with his present-day awareness, it was shocking to him that he could not notice his talent then. You are doing the same thing, and you were supposed to do it in this manner.

When you reread this message, it will make sense to you. The main reason we are giving it is to help you avoid the judgment you might place on yourself when you finally start to believe in yourself. That was part of the plan as well, and you will be fine.

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