You were never inadequate

You were never inadequate

February 8, 2020

You were never inadequate. We are so excited to bring you this message, for it is one of those universal ones. That means every human being holds themselves back from what they might be because of a belief in inadequacy. Every person reading this will come to something in their lives that they know they want to do or accomplish but feel they are not capable of doing so. That state of affairs is quite perfect. We are using terms you will understand.

You were born to continually evolve, become more, and recognize your innate power to create the life you wanted. You would not do that unless you believed in the illusion of inadequacy. The other part of this equation which you each will figure out is, as you experience the belief of inadequacy, you feel terrible. The only manner you will alleviate that terrible feeling is to do the thing in front of you, which you felt inadequate to do.

Please study this message, for you will come to forgive yourself, and you will experience more empowerment.


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