You were never denied anything

You were never denied anything

October 21, 2019

You were never denied anything. It was only you that refused to acknowledge and utilize what you were given. That knowledge is one that is made vividly aware to you after you die, but you could choose to know it now.

Roger’s example, while challenging for him to transcribe, will help many of you. More than thirty years ago, he received information that alerted him to a problem he was creating in his life. He had begun to counsel a few, but one, in particular, gave him pause. Roger recognized results from his work that even he didn’t understand entirely, so he stopped. The information we sent to him was that he only goes so far with his clients, and just before he reaches a pivotal moment, he retreats. Are you getting a sense of how you might have done this in your life?

While he has moved miles ahead of this now, it is not eradicated. But that is purposeful for you all, and now you will understand. This morning he received a notification that someone scheduled a
consultation to speak with us. It occurred because we urged him to post something online that this was available. He did it on the spur of the moment, for if he had thought about it more, he would have talked himself out of it. The irony is, this is what he wanted and simultaneously feared.

You all do this and will come to know you were given everything you needed to create the life you wanted, but you also have to become willing to receive.


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