You were meant to awaken more now

You were meant to awaken more now

November 24, 2020
You were meant to awaken more now. We are using precise words to describe the current moment of restructuring you are experiencing in your life and witnessing in your world. Let us assure you it is all for your highest good, no matter how it may appear or feel to you now.

Roger is being tasked with interpreting cohesively a lot of information we are sending, but we believe he will do it well. As we have said, you have lived many lives, and each time you evolve more. For that to occur, you require guidance, which is always available to you, but many of you do not believe it exists, or if you entertain that notion, you fear others may think you’re a bit strange. We want to keep this as light as possible, for we are also mindful of the level of fear some of you might be holding now. It is for a good cause, however.

We mentioned Roger’s call with his family that was uncomfortable for him, and he could not make head or tales of it and spent most of yesterday in a bit of a funk because he wanted to know what was occurring. Many of you may be feeling that now, and again, it is for a good reason. Then last night, Roger noticed a short documentary of Rev. James Lawson, a pioneering civil rights leader. While Roger had heard of him, he did not know the details but felt an overpowering “urge” to learn more. In the early morning, Roger watched, and then he knew why we led him there. You each have things revealed to you that are meant to remind you of the mission you set for yourself in this life, and you did do so.

The documentary then tied together all the other events. Roger even saw an email come last night from a family member, but we told him not to read it before giving him this message. You picked your family to help you come to know who you are. You see, Roger, like you, has always known who he wanted to be, but that didn’t seem attainable. He got closer and closer in this lifetime and many others, which is what you are doing.

We will continue more tomorrow, but we will leave you with a message from a year ago which informs this one and hopefully will tell each of you that this period of your life is another step in the right direction, and you are evolving.

May 17, 2019
We may have broken you, finally. Please transcribe this message without censorship, and it will help not only you but others. You often have and have continually been aware of our communication while at the same time doubting it is real. You then pretend that the conversations never occurred; you can forget them, and you can disregard some voice you hear in the distance that is directing you to do something or to be someone. But you never believe that any of this could possibly be true.

Then you create situations in your life that fall far outside of what is deemed “normal” by others, and you know on a deep level why you have done this, but you deny what you intuitively feel because of what you think others might think.

This morning you took arbitrary actions that brought you outside of your routine, and you heard recordings discussing the coming Scorpio full moon and how powerful it is. All the descriptions you heard described how you felt. How could that be an accident? How could you be an accident? How could you now ignore what you are to do in your life? Now you know how we broke you, now help break others.

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