You were born today

You were born today

November 18, 2019

You were born today. We will give you something now that will stir your imagination. Many of you have been hypnotized by the phrase, “I wasn’t born yesterday.” That phrase is one of the most restrictive ideas you could accept. The next idea we want you to contemplate is, none of you were born to be the same, as that would be
counterproductive to evolution, and not possible.

Roger has lived a life where he continually sought new experiences that would help him discover and own who he wanted to be in this lifetime. Now he was also “blessed” with the characteristic of being heavily influenced by the opinions of others. We said this in jest as you might not see it as a pleasant characteristic, but because he has it, he is pushed to find his truth because the desire of all human experience is the state of empowerment.

Roger was aware of his ever-changing self and new awareness, and would often express his excitement of the new him, but would also receive judgment. Others would question how he could continually be a new person. You can see that because the opinions of others also influenced him, he thought something must be wrong with him because he should have found who he wanted to be and stopped there. None of you wanted that.

We will leave you to contemplate this message because all of you have fallen “victim” to this line of thinking.


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