You were born to be a leader

You were born to be a leader

September 10, 2021
You were born to be a leader. We are speaking to you directly, even though you may have chosen to label yourself as someone who did not possess the qualities of a leader. And that is where you misinterpreted the meaning of the word.

The meaning we are choosing to give it now is what you came into the world to accomplish, which is before you now, and that is the area in which you chose to become a leader. And then, in your wisdom, you chose this particular time for, as we told you, this is a major restructuring for you and your world, for you are one. The chaos you might witness in your world will begin to change when you do.

Several days ago, we told you we were revealing a secret, and this is the continuation of that which we will continue on Sunday. No one born could perform the task you were given to achieve, and you also know it is before you now. You have recognized your previous lack of faith and belief in yourself, but recently you’ve felt something different and new emerge, which is due to this time you chose to be alive.

We will continue with this theme because we know how important it is in your evolutionary journey for you to awaken to who you are. We also know that the world needs you to accomplish that now, even though you might have believed you were insignificant, but that is precisely the reason you wanted to be here now.

We are giving you this in portions for, as we have said, it takes time for you to accept your magnificence, but we won’t stop until we feel we’ve become somewhat successful, as we told you last Sunday.

We also told you to examine your world now and observe the manifestations we said would occur. Every one of our efforts in that regard has been aimed at urging you to accept every aspect of yourself now, for there is a part of you that also knows this is the time, and it isn’t just because we said that but you have felt it intuitively, and we only show up for reinforcement. You will be fine.

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