You were born this way for a very good reason

You were born this way for a very good reason

November 10, 2019

You were born this way for a very good reason. If you are reading this message, then we are speaking to you. When you are born, you needed to learn your way around your new world. In doing so, you emulated others, and you attempted to follow their lead, so to speak. But then as you mature and begin to discover your own inclinations, desires, and notice they are different than others, you begin to judge, or at least question yourself. Why am I this way? That question is one that has haunted Roger his entire life.

We are going to give you detail here, for it will help your
understanding as well as help you accept what may seem to you to be strange occurrences in your life. Roger had a thought yesterday while watching television that he wanted to find a song that he recorded years ago, to possible release it again. He then picked up his iPad and went to his music folder, which he rarely uses. Roger noticed there was no order and that tracks of music, audiobooks, and lectures were interspersed. He thought that was how things felt in his life. Then he “stumbled” upon an astrology reading his friend had given him years before. When he listened, he was shocked as he thought it could have easily been today. Roger called his friend to discuss this, who then said to him, “this is who you’ve always been, and I wouldn’t expect to be any different today.” Roger continued to listen to the recording, and the awareness of it all brought him to tears. Keep in mind; we are directing all this.

This morning we directed him to a video discussing empaths, which he has known were his proclivities. Again, more recognition, but this time there was also acceptance. We then had him go back to the astrology recording because he missed this part. The date of the original recording was November 9, 2007. There are no accidents.

Whenever you discover who you are, it is the right time.


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