You were born again in 2009

You were born again in 2009

September 2, 2021
You were born again in 2009. We used that title because we knew that your curiosity would cause you to read our words, and that was our intention. Even those who read us regularly would have felt a bit more impetus to open the message. Then others were just intrigued by the title. Your curiosity has also been the spiritual guidance you don’t believe you possess at times, but you do.

You were born to expand and evolve in your life, and it isn’t possible you are the exception. You might have denied it for years, but there would be no way you would be reading our words unless you chose this time in your evolutionary journey to discover who you are and own more of yourself.

We are giving you information that is both a continuation of our live chat with you last Sunday, and it is leading to this coming Sunday. Last week, we told you that due to this restructuring, you would begin to notice synchronicities occurring in your life in such succession that it would be difficult for you not to see. They were designed to awaken you to your importance in this world, and especially during this time of your world’s realignment.

We used 2009 because yesterday Roger was asked for quotes to publish on his social media accounts. We told him to go back to the messages that are posted on the website. Those messages only date back to 2009, but we have been giving him information since 1988. The timing of your life is always perfect.

The next part of the story will relate to you. In 2009 Roger was attempting to keep a failing business, but he could not let it go, for he felt so responsible to others. He lost all his physical possessions and financial security due to his innate knowledge that he wanted to help others. But also, at that time, he was not willing to help himself because of his lack of belief in the new direction he was being shown. That is occurring for you now as well.

Then we revealed something else to him that will help you. When he went to those messages, he was shocked at the information they held, which he did not recognize their value at the time. You have done the same thing, but you wanted to be here now to move through those limitations, which are pretty apparent to you, but we ask you to be patient for you will do it this time, and we will explain even more on Sunday, but you will be fine.

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