You were always enough, and you never did anything wrong

You were always enough, and you never did anything wrong

November 21, 2019

You were always enough, and you never did anything wrong. Roger attempted to find a much shorter title, but we wanted all of it together. Those words speak directly to Roger, and to all of you, which we will explain.

Yesterday, while working with a client, who he has coached for a while, they told a story. The client had been seeking instruction on improving their guitar skills and “inadvertently” found a video of Roger. They didn’t know why, but they said upon that discovery, “that is the guy to help me.” The beauty of the story is, Roger decided to create a system he wanted to use in his work to find the right clients, but he had no guarantee it would be successful, but now he was starring his results in the face. Now the clients he sought were those who wanted to develop a strong belief in themselves.

Then Roger was asked to do a series of videos where he is offering his information. He immediately began to doubt he could do this and went to find what he might study to be better prepared. Roger forgot that he just saw he was enough. But then he also holds guilt because he thinks he should be in a different place in his life. You all do this to a degree, and it is never valid.

Think about this. Roger could not have helped his client if he had not lived his life in the manner he has, and if he had been in a different place, so, therefore, he never did anything wrong. You all will come to know this about yourselves.


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