You were all taught limitation

You were all taught limitation

July 25, 2019

You were all taught limitation. You were either taught this idea directly, or you picked it up inadvertently. Please share your story honestly, as many others will “find” themselves through your example.

Last night, you were awakened to the groans of the pain of a friend moving through an extremely painful physical condition. You knew this condition all too well from your personal experience. Here is what you did. You reflected on the healing model used by Jesus, which was only to see perfection, no matter how the situation appeared. Then you knew you could not affect their cure, but you could hold a space of pure knowing, which is far more powerful than any action you might have taken.

This morning, you witnessed the manifested result you both wanted, as well as your unwillingness to accept and acknowledge your part in its achievement. This long story was meant to lead you to this point. You give away your power to create and manifest what you want because you were taught those abilities only belong to a select few. You made one, and many others, more powerful than you, and that is the definition of limitation.


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