You wanted to forgive yourself

You wanted to forgive yourself

July 8, 2018

You and others would do well to allow yourselves enough time to absorb this message fully as the reward will be worth your effort.

Examine the next sentence. You wanted to forgive yourself. Every word was intentionally used. You wanted forgiveness, but it was not necessary because you never did anything wrong; however your thoughts that you had, caused consequences to show up in your life, only as a result of your thinking.

You allow others to come into your life to facilitate your expansion or helping you to evolve. Many times you don’t know why they are there, but it is revealed to you when you are ready and able to acknowledge that purpose.

You allowed another into your life to whom you could offer forgiveness because you wanted to provide it to yourself, but that was a bit difficult. The good news is, whatever you offer to another, you offer to yourself. You accomplished your mission.


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