You wanted to be alive at this time

You wanted to be alive at this time

August 2, 2020
You wanted to be alive at this time. We know for some of you, those words sound ridiculous, and that is because you typically only utilize your human vision, which is limited by definition. And also because you have formed habits of judgment that need to classify everything as being either good or bad. Additionally, you are trapped in the idea of linear time, so it is difficult for you to accept that everything is happening now, at this moment, which holds your power. Now we will attempt to explain that complicated paragraph.

This morning Roger was about to take his roommate to the airport but first came to his computer and "happened" upon a video presentation of the work of Florence Scovel Shinn, who we have mentioned. The book referenced was "The Game of Life and How to Play It." Roger was introduced to that book in 1979. While at that time, he somewhat understood it, and unknowingly to him, much of it even stayed within him and informed his life. But what he heard today made him recognize why he wanted to be alive now. Each of you will find your reasons.

Had Roger understood more of the information when he first read it, he can clearly see now how his life might have gone quite differently. Roger had a moment of regret until he realized the timing was what he wanted to aid his evolution. Yesterday we told you of a talk Roger was having with his group, entitled, "I can create my future now." If Roger had lived a different life experience, he could not have masterfully conducted the talk as he did or been quite as helpful to those in attendance.

We will have more on this subject, but we will leave you with this for now. Roger has always said that everyone had a specific role to embody on this planet, which is essential, and that no one else could fill. That statement is true for each of you. Roger heard that in Florence’s book this morning, but it could not have made as much sense to him when he first read those words as it does to him now.
That will be correct for each of you, and Roger was pushed to know this partly due to the world’s current conditions. The existing conditions or your world now, also coincide with your unique life path, which is unfolding now if you become willing to see it. Roger just did.

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