You wanted the courage to become yourself

You wanted the courage to become yourself

October 22, 2021
You wanted the courage to become yourself. That answer is the one we promised we would give you during our live chat with you on Wednesday, and for many of you, that did occur. But there are still many, including Roger, who required a bit more help to move beyond your persistent fear and doubt.

You are here in the world now because you wanted to experience this restructuring of yourself and your world. Still, you also wanted to contribute to the accomplishment of this significant shift on your planet. That will only occur if you decide to be authentically you.

We will give you another piece of the puzzle. Again we are doing it a bit at a time for you have difficulty accepting your relevance and importance at this time in your world, and as we have also said, this is your most vital lifetime, so we are pulling out all the stops to cause you to believe in you.

We told you that we gave you everything in 2012. Roger did not believe that could be possible, just as you have not thought that vision you had for your life is possible. We also discussed that subject during our talk. This morning we told Roger to find the message from 2012 on this date and share it here, for it is what you each are coming to understand now, and we gave it to you years ago.
You were given everything you were meant to accomplish in this lifetime years ago. You use your doubt as a tool to come to understand that. It will become too uncomfortable for you to stay in a place of doubt, so you will do something to ease that doubt, and it will only be you deciding to become yourself.

We will leave the message below, and then to make things better, we will attach a video we had Roger hear this morning, and you will notice that at the end, it mentions what we said to you all in 2012. You will be fine.

What we told you nine years ago.

We will leave our recording for those who have yet to listen.

We also told Roger several days ago to mention Archangel Michael for more of you will resonate with that information which is why we led you to this video.


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