You volunteered for this

You volunteered for this

September 16, 2018

This message will be the most powerful one you have written to date, not only for you but for others who decide to accept its content. The details here will be important.

You had a dream thirteen years ago that you recently revisited, actually a few times, and felt there was still something to be extracted from the experience, and you were correct. While all dreams are meant to be interpreted by the individual who receives them, there are some, such as yours, that resonate with others because you are all connected.

In the dream, you were sitting with a group of people who were all leaders of some sort. A question was asked, and you immediately answered, and it felt to you as if you volunteered for something. Then you questioned why you would ever do that, and you wanted to retreat. Then you thought maybe you had made this all up and you could go back to your old self. Then you also knew that was not possible.

Now, what you volunteered for was to become a leader in your own life, and you at times accept this and other times try to take it back, as in the dream. Every soul is faced with these questions, and you each get to decide in each now moment if you will be that leader in your life and live up to that for which you volunteered. We know this was long but also essential.


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