You use other people to come to know who you are

You use other people to come to know who you are

September 6, 2019

You use other people to come to know who you are. We used all of those words intentionally, and in a language, you will understand. We must also say that Roger felt terrible before he received this message, but now he is experiencing much more empowerment as we desire for you all.

Those of you who choose to understand the following will feel as if you have gained a new lease on life. You each are born with desires of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Your birth held all of those possibilities. You begin living your life and start to see limitations and restrictions, and many of them you believe and accept. Now you find yourselves living limiting lives. You will then “attract” certain people into your lives with the express purpose of irritating you just enough that you might notice where you have cut off your potential. It is never about the other person, but what you do.

Here is the part that is the most empowering and the most challenging for most of you. Thank the person who irritated you the most for they aided you the most in experiencing your own sense of empowerment.

(This is for Roger, but many of you may gain value.


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