You suffer from artificial guilt

You suffer from artificial guilt

June 19, 2017

This will probably be one of the most important and consequential messages you will receive. You would do well to allow yourself enough time to absorb it and extract the wisdom it contains.

You have continually succumbed to the power and fear of artificial guilt. As you know, artificial guilt is guilt that holds no useful purpose in your life, and all it does is prevent you from knowing and fully experiencing your true identity.

You can take one recent incident and apply it to your life. You took an action that you knew was for your best interest as well as everyone else involved, and yet you suffered greatly from the feeling of guilt after you took that action. You thought you might hurt someone else which indicates you had totally forgotten the benevolent nature of your being. You will eliminate this behavior for good when choose to remember that you are a benevolent being before you do anything. You would never intentionally hurt yourself or another.


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