You see perfection later

You see perfection later

January 19, 2020

You see perfection later. The title we gave you is another way of saying you create your own reality. It is also another way of saying every experience that comes to you is for your benefit. Many times you will have experiences that are designed to bring awareness to many different behaviors or actions that might be limiting your evolution. You will understand that sentence as we move along.

Yesterday Roger had an excellent video shooting with other coaches, and the praise and compliments he received were surprising to him and even uncomfortable. Roger can see now the perfection of that because had he received those things before, he would have denied them, as he usually had done.

Then Roger came home to discover a person harassing him on social media, and that experience became dominant in Roger’s experience. As you move forward in your life and begin to take ownership of your life, you will experience dissent from others. The perfection these events showed Roger was where he had been placing his attention, and therefore creating that reality. Something for all of you to contemplate.


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