You orchestrated all of this for very good reasons

You orchestrated all of this for very good reasons

July 6, 2019

You orchestrated all of this for very good reasons. We would like all of you to attempt to embrace that sentence as we use Roger as an illustration. Now you did not do any of this on a conscious level, but it will aid your understanding if you imagine this scenario. Before you were born, you set intentions you wanted to achieve in your lives, so all the events, circumstances, and people come into your lives for that purpose. Roger had more glimpses of this the other night, but the random appearance of events was confusing, but now we will make them clear.

He had an event the other day that felt to him to be new awareness, albeit one not entirely accepted by him. Before that, he received a topic he is supposed to speak on involving Wayne Dyer. Last night while discussing his earlier experiences with a colleague, it was suggested his experiences were similar to Carlos Castaneda, who Wayne admired and spoke of often, which was familiar to Roger, but not an avenue he had pursued. Today he did, and the experiences made sense.

He uncovered through this journey the continued doubt of his received information; whether or not it will be taken seriously, or questioned as to its source, as Carlos was. He orchestrated this because he knew if he did not see these self-imposed limitations, he could not fulfill his original intentions. You all have these stories that would provide you with enormous value and awareness when you don’t doubt them.


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