You only thought you were powerless

You only thought you were powerless

December 6, 2018

You only thought you were powerless. This message, while a bit long, may be the most consequential you have ever written, not only for you but all others, if you write it as you hear it without censorship.

You were awakened at 3 AM and guided to read a passage in a book you have read many times over decades, The story of Augustus struck you because his story resonated with you. Now the shocking, and almost embarrassing, part for you was realizing you only understood this fully now. Then we guided you to read one of your earlier messages, “know your power.”

The story of Augustus was one of an individual who split into two distinct personalities. One with power, and one without and the separation of the personalities occurred because of a belief in powerlessness. Reconciliation happens when you accept how powerful you are.

Additionally, you have created situations in your current living conditions to point this out. You listen to and begin to accept the opinions of others, and you think if you could escape from certain situations and relationships you would be fine. Here again, you fail to understand, all those conditions exist, so you finally accept your power.


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