You only lacked trust

You only lacked trust

April 29, 2019

We will tell you at the onset of this message; it will be a good one for you and others. You all have life experiences that provide you with everything you could possibly need to know to live a life that could deliver to you all you ever wanted, and that causes you to experience great joy. The greatest obstacle most encounter is not deciding to trust, especially you.

Now you do, however, offer excellent examples for others, as was the intention of your life. We are not talking about faith but trust, and that difference is essential. Here are examples from your life. You took two trips, one to Chicago, and then Shanghai, China. In each city, there were exhibits where one could step onto a see-through platform that exposed a distance to the Earth that if you fell, you would indeed die. On the first trip, you waited in line and began to judge the hesitancy of those before you, and you couldn’t understand why they were afraid. Then your time came, and you found yourself frozen in your stance. You stood there, knowing you would not fall, seeing others go before you, yet you hesitated.

On the second trip, you knew the experience of this syndrome, so it did make it easier for you to take that first step this time. While not complete, you had developed more trust. In your current
experience, you decided to take an action where there was no platform to hold you, but you had trust, and then you found you didn’t fall and die, but flew. You all will do this once you understand and accept this message.


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