You never wanted perfection

You never wanted perfection

October 23, 2019

You never wanted perfection. We are using the word wanted to remind you that you desired all of your life experiences. Even the ones that don’t feel good or comfortable for you. Additionally, many of your events bring you a plethora of information if you are willing to receive it. Such was the case for Roger.

Yesterday, he was involved in a meeting that went really well. But there was one uncomfortable exchange. After, Roger noticed where he might have misunderstood something or misspoke. Now what he did was focus on what went wrong, as it felt to him, rather than what was achieved throughout the event. You all do this to some degree. But there is a reason for it. You were born into the world.

When you are born, you must rely on others to show you around. You then inject all manner of authority into those people. Now you even go into formal education where you are taught there are right and wrong answers to everything. And you must find the right answers. Now when you don’t do that, you label yourself as being a wrong person because you achieved a wrong conclusion. Then you become fearful of doing anything at all for fear of being wrong again.

How could you come to know what was right for you unless you knew what wasn’t?


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