You never know where you’re going, but it will be better

You never know where you’re going, but it will be better

August 1, 2020
You never know where you’re going, but it will be better. We know those words may not offer comfort to many at this time unless you have some reason to feel confident in that statement. If we left it up to Roger, you wouldn’t. You see, he has something that would aid others if he were willing to use it. We have often said that each of you has life experiences that are meant to offer value to others and aid your world’s evolution, but Roger didn’t believe us. We will explain.

Last night we began speaking to him on this subject, and we led him to a video this morning that spoke specifically to what we wanted him to offer. Roger scheduled another talk for this group tonight entitled, "I can create my future now." Those words sound great, but at this moment, so many of you find that difficult to believe.

The year we took him to was 2009. If you remember, you were in the midst of a financial crisis where many lost their businesses and livelihoods. Roger had a business that suffered that loss, which caused him to declare bankruptcy as did many. The stigma of doing so is always painful. Even though Roger could blame his circumstance on that of the world, he knew there was something more. It felt to many there would never be a recovery, but there was. That information would not be helpful to his group tonight if he didn’t talk about it.

You each have those gems within you, which you might have been unwilling to share. Once you do, however, the shame of your experience will leave, and its purpose and value will emerge.

Then the other night, we led Roger to a live video interview with Les Brown, who Roger admires. Roger was able to relate that to Les, who then spoke of another epidemic, which was the AIDS crisis. Having moved through that time and witnessing the fear and ultimate mitigation of those fears, you see the coming together of humanity revealed the purpose of the entire event. You will come to know this about your current situation, and now because Roger is willing to be transparent, we can be of more service.


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