You needed this experience

You needed this experience

January 11, 2020

You needed this experience. First of all, we must explain, again, there is nothing of a physical nature that any of you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level, that is a different story.

We must also set the premise, although many of you refuse to believe it. You each are born with specific things you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Those individual accomplishments then add to your personal expansion or evolvement, and to all that is, or collective consciousness. None of you are more or less important than another. That is the part you all still maintain difficulty in believing and accepting.

Decades ago, we gave Roger information on the power of your emotions. He is still coming to understand this. The premise for that was, all of your emotions are valid and will lead you to your beliefs if you don’t judge them. None of them are good or bad for those are merely labels you each make up. Roger has known that his experience of anger holds valuable information if he can release that judgment.
Roger has also labeled himself as a sensitive person which has caused challenges. There are two sides to every emotion and experience, so pick one that serves you now.

Here is the story, albeit one Roger does not want to tell. Yesterday while watching a movie, Roger happened to see a notification on his phone of a message on Facebook. When he examined the message, he became angry and needed to answer it immediately. The essence of the message was, the person felt Roger was giving others false hope as to what others might accomplish in their lives. Roger has also known and felt that his role on the earth was to dispel that myth. Roger responded, and then immediately felt horrible and carried that feeling the rest of the evening. Now we must say, the person apologized, but Roger has yet to read this.

The important part here for him and why he needed this experience is that he can never accomplish what he desires if he remains too sensitive. We told him to find his "harsh" response and post it here. Many of you will see, through his example, how you judge yourselves needlessly, and it is your interpretations of events that hold you back from what you might accomplish in this world.

Here is the response Roger judged as being far too harsh.
"I have been coaching for more than 30 years, and I have taken people who have no natural talent or ability and developed them into becoming while not great singers, but decent and somewhat good singers. I believe in the potential of anything people desire to achieve if they take the time and are shown the correct skills and techniques to develop that talent. I never do anything just for money. You obviously do not know me, and that comment was a bit insulting. But I do wish you the best in your career."


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