You must do this today

You must do this today

May 18, 2019

You must do this today. You kept hearing those words, and they felt contradictory to you as we always say there is nothing you need or must do, but that is not true if what you feel you must do is something you want to do but have been resisting. All of you do this so we will explain why you must do this.

You had an inspired thought of something you wanted to do that you felt if you did it, it would be of great value, others would benefit, and you would fulfill your life purpose while leading you to the life you wanted. Then within moments, you began to talk yourself out of it. You have done this repeatedly throughout your life.

We will help you with this one. In 2000, you were struggling to write a song, and we told you to write from your heart and communicate what you wanted to say precisely. Those instructions will be the ones to use for your project today, as well as make it fun. If you do this, share it with others, you will all become more empowered.


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