You may come to believe yourself more now

You may come to believe yourself more now

May 16, 2020
You may come to believe yourself more now. That awkward sentence is meant to alert you to the fact that you have always known who you wanted to be but did not believe that entirely. We are speaking of now, mainly as more of you find your lives in a state of contemplation and review.

Last night while in conversation with his family on numerous topics, including this current pandemic, the environment, politics; Roger found his opinions on every subject were fairly consistent. Roger hadn’t recognized this until the words came out of his mouth, "I make my decisions based on whether or not it helps humanity." Roger also couldn’t explain his attitudes, beliefs, and emotions he held during this period, but they felt real to him. This morning we reminded him why this was true through a message delivered years ago, which we will place at the end.

You each will find these connections and remembrances in your lives, and hopefully, you will begin to believe yourselves.

July 20, 2009
Everything that shows up in your life experience offers you the opportunity to make a choice, and the only two choices you posses are Love and fear. Love is always expansive and limitless, while fear is restrictive and limited. It matters not what is in front of you, but more importantly, what you decide to do with it.

If your intention on this life journey is always about expansion, then it would behoove you to always seek to choose Love. You always know which you are indeed choosing, by the “feeling” in your emotional body when you allow your present moment awareness to remain conscious.

While you may argue that there are certain situations, circumstances, and events that “should” cause you to be fearful, in the end, you always see the error of your thinking. Even your own death never happens


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