You know nothing, and believe a lot

You know nothing, and believe a lot

June 6, 2019

While it is somewhat amusing to watch you struggle with receiving our communications, it is also becoming exhausting for both you and us. What you kept hearing and resisted accepting was; you know nothing, believe a lot, trust little, and fear more. The reason you didn’t want to write this is that you knew that if you did, you could no longer ignore what you felt you are meant to do in your life.

Following is what you will teach, and we will decipher. As a human being, you don’t know anything for sure unless you have experienced or lived whatever that might be. You all have ideas about what happens when you die. How could you know for sure? Then when you don’t know for sure, you seek to find anything to know for sure, including atheism. For at least you know something for sure, and that is, nothing else exists. That belief will keep you safe, but never allows you to become more because you have formed the belief that there is no more.

Now the idea of creating your reality makes sense because none of you know for sure what is the real reality. Why not choose the one that causes you to feel good? You must answer this question as all others must, but you will also help them. This message needed to be long for this is a sea change for you.


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