You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge

You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge

January 6, 2021
You hold more ability than you have been willing to acknowledge. Roger is attempting to find the right words to deliver this message because it is a bit confusing for him and stirs up his fear. As we have said, you are collectively moving through a massive restructuring to cause you to evolve. Evolution must include the development of something new and more, which occurs within you and your world.

Last night Roger was alone, sat down on his sofa about to turn on the television, and blurted out, "I told you so." The next moment his phone rang, and it was his friend for whom that statement was appropriate, and it surprised Roger as it did them. The point of that story is you each can access information beyond your ordinary awareness, but doing so causes you to access unused potential. Because you fear that unknown which holds your potential, you will use moments such as your world is experiencing to break free from your limitations, nothing less.

Months ago, we told Roger and you the United States would lead the way in your restructuring, and though you cannot see that now, Roger knows he can, so his reluctance to share his wisdom is not helping his restructuring or yours, which is what he "saw" he was to do in this life.

We will leave you with this thought. You will move through some stressful moments in your life and your world in the coming months, but know that collectively you are opening to caring more about yourself and, therefore, all others. No matter what you witness or experience, you hold the potential to master anything. The global shift occurring is the one you desired, and as we said, you will be fine.

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