You have taken the next step in your evolutionary journey

You have taken the next step in your evolutionary journey

July 14, 2021
You have taken the next step in your evolutionary journey. The information we will give you now is for everyone, and we will use Roger as an example to illustrate your journey.

As we are speaking here, we are also using the collective you, for you are all one, and you utilize one another in every part of your world to facilitate the evolution of all that is. Some of this is complicated, but Roger has developed the ability over the years to simplify things, although he, just like you, did not trust his intuition entirely. Hopefully, our story will aid your understanding.

You each are here to evolve in your personal way, and you require examples in your society to awaken you to your role now. More than eighteen months ago, we began speaking of the restructuring occurring in your world, and we also said the United States would lead the way. At that time, it did not make sense to Roger as the opposite was the appearance you each witnessed.

Yesterday we told you there would be other occurrences yesterday that we would explain more today to instill more belief in you all, for your confidence in why you are in the world now is crucial.

When Roger finished delivering our message yesterday, he heard just a few minutes of a speech the president of the United States gave that illustrated what we told you before. Still, maybe you, like Roger, had difficulty believing the guidance you had received previously. Still, you were meant to do that, for when you come to believe it now, you will accelerate your expansion and the evolution of your world.

The restructuring we have referred to in your world is a more equitable distribution and experience of wealth and inclusion for all. Still, you only accomplish that a bit at a time in each iteration of your civilization. The particular shift now is causing more of you to care about one another. You will do that when you honor why you are here, and despite your doubt before, you will experience more assurances, for we will continue to support you through Roger, for he believes himself more now.

In every shift in your world, you each come in to assume a role that would cause evolution due to the internal and external conflict you experience within yourself and is then manifested in your world. When you accept more of yourself, you accept others more, for you are all one, and your world moves to a higher level of light, and you are here to accomplish that now. We will explain more, but you will be fine. We do want you to hold that thought intently.

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