You have only ever feared yourself

You have only ever feared yourself

November 22, 2020
You have only ever feared yourself. Please study those words intently and apply them to your current physical life experience. We are using those words intentionally even though we know your connection to them now may be limited; we will attempt to provide more comfort and proof through this message.

As we have said, you are all moving through a massive restructuring, and we do mean you and the world at large. Many of you are experiencing uncertainty and fear that is not new to you, but this time it might feel more intense, which was also intentional.

We will give you a simple explanation that may help you understand and accept what is occurring now. You are an eternal being who has lived many lifetimes, and each time, you expand and evolve more. Now because you are all one or connected, what occurs and manifests within you, does so in all others. Your optimism can become intensified during these periods of growth, but so can your fear.

Yesterday Roger took an action that involved his family that felt right to him and as though he was fulfilling part of his life mission. We told him he was, but Roger felt terrible and almost as if he had done something wrong, which he had not. Many of you may experience the same or similar feelings, and the message we will leave will help. We told Roger about the message, and when he found it, he looked away immediately, attempting not to accept that he has always known what to do, just as you have, but at times it is uncomfortable. We will repeat it; you will be fine.

June 13, 2014
You do indeed experience what might be considered growing pains. These are not of a physical nature as you may have thought, but they are of a spiritual nature. Growing pains is merely a metaphor meaning that you become uncomfortable, slightly disoriented, and feeling a bit out of sorts, as it were. This is because you gain more wisdom, knowledge, awareness and come to know and own who you truly are, which moves you into unknown territory.

The entire process is helpful, though, because if you did not have those growing pains, you would not know you had accomplished anything at all. You noticed yesterday that you perceived what might be a negative comment about you and noticed it had absolutely no effect. Even that experience was new, uncomfortable in a sense, and an excellent reason for having growing pains.

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